Paying Our Landowner Partners Since 1902!

Lamar Advertising Company is one of the oldest and largest outdoor advertising companies in the United States. Founded in 1902, the firm has been a leader in the outdoor advertising industry for many years.

Our audience, the driving public, has increased steadily over the past 30 years. Since 1970 the population has increased by 25 percent, but the number of vehicles on the road has increased by 147 percent!

The reason the world's oldest advertising medium has survived and thrived for so many years is simple - it works! It works for advertising customers, and it works for landowners who see the benefit of using their property to generate additional income.

Lamar Puts Outdoor Advertising to Work for our Landowner Partners!

Landowner Benefits

Our background gives us the expertise and understanding to develop lease programs that help landowners maximize their assets and help pay for the many expenses of owning property. We help our partners generate income and achieve the highest and best use of their property without interrupting the normal use of the property.

  • You will enjoy a safe, risk-free, long-term relationship with Lamar. We have paid lessors and sold and maintained sign structures for almost 100 years!

  • Our signs serve as undemanding tenants. There is no landowner expense or headache associated with our structures.

  • Rental payments by Lamar turn an inactive property into a revenue source. Use our billboard rent as a steady source of income which maximizes your property investments, helps pay property taxes, and increases the potential resale value.

  • Lamar uses rigid engineering standards to build signs that are structurally sound and safe with a designs that are versatile in order to meet the specific needs of your property. We minimize the amount of required ground space to ensure there will be no inconvenience to any ongoing business operations.

  • Lamar is fully insured and holds you, the property owner, harmless from any claims for damage caused by our sign structures or employees.

  • Lamar is responsible for ALL costs relating to the sign: installation, lighting, and maintenance. Our installation crews are some of the best in the business. The lighting on our structure provides additional security at night for your property. Lamar will continually service and maintain the sign structure to ensure a quality appearance

  • As an industry leader, Lamar prides itself on attractive signs which display award-winning artwork.

  • Code of Advertising Practices for Children
  • Establish exclusionary zones that prohibit outdoor advertisements of products illegal for sale to minors that are intended to be read from, or within 500 feet of, elementary and secondary schools, public playgrounds, and established places of worship.

  • Identify all outdoor advertising displays within exclusionary zones by attaching the international children's symbol in a clearly visible location.

  • Establish reasonable limits on the total number of outdoor displays in a market that may carry messages about products that are illegal for sale to minors.

  • Maintain broad diversification of customers that advertise in the outdoor medium.

  • Our Community Partnership
    Together, Lamar and our landowner partners contribute significantly to our community in terms of public service. Together, we donate many millions of dollars in advertising space annually to public service organizations and projects and a multitude of nonprofit groups. As a Lamar landowner you play an important role in this public service partnership. At the same time, we strictly adhere to local ordinances to help preserve scenic beauty. In many cases we work directly with local officials to help develop comprehensive sign codes that are good for the community's environment.

    Greatest Return with Minimal Use of Property
    Our engineers will work with you to design the proper structure configuration in order to use the least amount of space necessary. Most structures will not interfere with any use of your property. All of our units meet the most rigid certified engineering standards which normally exceed municipal codes of construction. We will handle all necessary permitting and surveys will be done prior to construction, to assure compliance with all required regulations.

    Largest Commercial Tenant
    Lamar is one of the largest commercial tenants in those markets where we sell advertising. Every commercial property has the potential of additional long term income with a Lamar lease agreement. Many commercial developers work hand in hand with our real estate representatives to add value and income to their properties.

    Reputation and Quality
    Lamar is known for it's commitment to our landowner partners that have been such an important part of our success over the years. As a lessor you can be assured of our careful attention to the details of our agreement that protect your property.

    Contact Us
    If you have ownership in commercial property adjacent to interstate, main or primary thoroughfares, please contact a Lamar real estate manager to research the possibility of creating a new source of income. In some cases Lamar may be willing to purchase your land or an easement or servitude on your property for our sign location. Contact your local real estate manager for details.